Women in Church History: Touching Our Lives Today

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA – From 4pm on Friday, 17 June until 2pm Sunday, 19 June 2022, an English-speaking women’s retreat titled Women in Church History: Touching Our Lives Today will take place at the Saint Francis Retreat Center, 549 Mission Vineyard Road.

Women have been an essential part of the development of the Church, from first-century Christianity to contemporary times. Our reflections will be on those women who were deaconesses in the first centuries, women of the Patristic times, women in the Middle Ages, women of the Reformation and Baroque ages, and of course, women of modern times. We will ask, what do we share with these influential women of our history? How do we relate to these women today? What was their influence on the formation of the ongoing development of the Church and Christianity? We will share stories, experiences, and reflections to create a wonderful bonding experience.

Presented by Jan Stegner, the cost for this retreat is $150 for commuters, $320 for a private room, and $270 for semi-private room. $50 deposit required. Click here for more information and to register.

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